Selected blogs from Gavin Kelly and Daniel Tomlinson.

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Give me my reputation back

‘What has capitalism done for you lately?’ was the question running through recent Labour and Conservative party political get-togethers. Conference halls reverberated to the sound of speeches on the supposed vices, and virtues, of state socialism or free market capitalism. Rarely have two straw-men taken [...]

Today’s unions must innovate today or shrink tomorrow

Union leaders could have been forgiven for hoping that the future looks ever so slightly brighter for their movement. Public concerns about low pay and insecurity have soared in post-crisis Britain, there is a resurgent debate about the quality of work and political parties are [...]

Trade union membership has fallen further than ever before

Daniel Tomlinson, Researcher at the Resolution Trust This morning the government published the latest estimates for trade union membership in the UK, they make for grim – but important – reading for anyone in favour of a healthy union movement. Here are 5 key points [...]

It’s not the gig economy, stupid

The gig economy has got us talking about the labour market, but the decline in trade union membership matters more Daniel Tomlinson, Researcher at the Resolution Trust Sometimes change comes suddenly and without warning, in big bold type on the front pages. But, often, the [...]

Tech and the low-wage workforce: friend as well as foe?

Resolution Trust launches new WorkerTech partnership with Bethnal Green Ventures to develop tech based innovations that support the low-wage workforce Uber. Amazon. Hermes. The steady drumbeat of stories that raise concerns about how – one way or another – companies are using tech to change [...]

The living wage is finally catching on. Now fair pay must become the norm

Today’s announcement of this year’s increase in the living wage — to £9.75 an hour in London (previously £9.40) and £8.45 in the rest of the UK (£8.25) — will help the growing numbers benefiting from the fair pay benchmark. For a full-time worker it amounts to earning an [...]

The future of trade unionism and the next generation

On the face of it you might think that the future is full of potential for trade unions. Four in five people in Great Britain think that trade unions are “essential” to protect workers’ interests. Public concerns over low pay have soared to record levels [...]